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Cecoforma Events & Communication delivers lasting results to its clients. It also strives to develop sustainable business practices.

Cecoforma Events & Communication has applied for Brussels-Capital Region's official 'Eco-dynamic Business' environmental labelling system.

Cecoforma Events & Communication uses the European Framework for quality Management's guidelines for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to identify its social, environmental and economic impacts and then improve our day-to-day management.

Cecoforma Events & Communication is an agency with a lean structure striving to deliver the best results for the best prices. We keep our overhead costs to a minimum and prefer allocating small yet dedicated teams to meet the client’s expectations at a satisfying price.

Cecoforma Events & Communication is attentive to detail. Our rigorous standards allow us to deliver the impeccable quality our client expect.

Cecoforma Events & Communication is attentive to clients. First, we listen. It is key for us to understand our clients strategic and specific objectives as well as the environment they evolve in. Then, we are flexible and do our utmost to adapt to changing circumstances at all times.